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This year for my 39th birthday, or what I like to think of as my 39th, I got a Delta 13" 2-speed planer.  They consider it to be in the "bench-top" category like you can pick them up and set them on the bench temporarily.  Hah!  Maybe the Hulk can, but not me.  This baby weighs 97 lbs. so I needed a permanent, mobile home for it.




One day while surfing I found free plans for a mobile cart.  I saved the link in anticipation of one day owning a planer.  Here's my version, based on Tom Hintz's plan & posted with his permission.

Tom's site:




I had to change the dimensions somewhat to suit my needs and I wanted it closed in so I could have a little extra storage space.  The 2X4's for the frame and the wheels were purchased for this projects.  The sides, top, bottom, and door were made from left-over ply-wood from my stash.  The back is from left-over OSB.  



A view of the back showing the wheel assembly.  I followed Tom's advice and used the corner block and extra block at the end of the 2X4 to give extra strength.  I found I needed the doubled 2X4's anyway to have an area wide enough for attaching the wheels.  



I used 1/2 laps as Tom did and gave the finished project a couple coats of poly.  Sticking with the re-cycling idea, it was a can of left-over poly that should have been tossed.  I did splurge and spend a couple bucks on new hinges.  I had some old ones, but the cart was starting to look too nice for those.  These are self-closing so I don't need a knob.  



Here she is all stowed away.  The planer is still heavy but by pulling up an inch or two on the handles I can jockey it into a useable position in the shop.  You can see the dust hood poking out the back side.  I'm able to hook the planer to my Shop Vac (which you can see peeking out of the far corner) so there is very little mess made during use.



You can see how closing in the cart gives me an almost dust-free storage area for my folders of plans, tips, and machine manuals.  Once the side frames were assembled by inserting screws from the inside so they wouldn't show, I routed the rabbits to recess the back, sides, and inside bottom.  The top which I rounded over with a 1/2" round over bit is attached from inside with corner blocks.




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